At Great Planes Millwork, we’re not just making furniture and cabinets – we’re crafting a partnership with you. Together, we design and create custom pieces that not only align with your specific needs but also compliment your personal style. This partnership continues throughout the crafting process to ensure your custom piece exceeds your expectations.

Imagine owning furniture that transcends time – pieces that are designed to become cherished heirlooms for generations to come. Each board we work with is handpicked from premium hardwood and finished with modern, premium coatings. This not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also guarantees its durability over the years.

Your story becomes an important part of the design process. Whether it’s your pictures, sketches or the distinct style of your home, we integrate these elements into the design process to build a piece that will enhance your home and make you smile. Furniture and cabinets are each uniquely tailored to their specific space and owner. For example, we’ve crafted a bathroom vanity taller than usual for a couple over 6 feet, and designed a chest of drawers with a tapered back to elegantly fit beneath an attic’s sloped ceiling. Luke regularly hears that he has exceeded the customers expectations, and that continues to be our goal.

Say goodbye to mass-produced furniture and embrace the journey of crafting pieces that reflect your individuality. Contact us today and let’s team up to create furniture and cabinets that tell your unique story.

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    Luke’s expert craftsmanship went beyond our expectations (that were already high considering the work he had previously done for us). We believe August Bergman would be proud of that master bathroom as it fit perfectly in the house!! The wainscoting and bathroom furniture just look like they naturally belong to this house, that’s how good it looks!!


    I came to Luke & Barb with an idea of a Golf Ball display cabinet for my husband. We collaborated on the style and Luke made suggestions to enhance the piece. Every aspect of the cabinet was done with thought and care. I cannot express how much I love the final product! This will be something we hope to pass down to our children one day.

    I’m always impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail with any of the pieces Great Planes Millwork creates. I would not hesitate to reach out to Luke & Barb for any custom work that you need done. He does it all from big to small! I will be using Great Planes Millwork again in the future.


    We needed some wide crown moulding for our home and Luke was able to reproduce the profile to match what we had. He had it ready in less than 2 weeks and the price was reasonable too.


    Luke has an unbelievable skill. The sheer volume of precision machinery is staggering, only to be outdone by what he can create and produce on every single machine.


    Luke went way above and beyond to help me out! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what he did for me!! I’m eternally grateful! If you want quality work from a professional – he’s your guy!